What Our Clients Say

Your planners are awesome! I purchased two other paper planners this year and didn’t use either of them – I gave them both away and just used yours <3Emma Read, Virtual Assistant

You’re the best – keep doing what you’re doing. The marketing team I’m part of has downsized a lot over the past year so anything to make our lives easier is great!Anon

I know Sunday is a day of rest for a lot of people but Scheduling Sunday is in full swing here!

Armed with a decaf oat milk vanilla cappuccino, my content calendar, podcasts and my Beanie Baby mascot, I quite enjoy getting next week’s content planned and scheduled for my clients on a Sunday so during the week I can focus on website maintenance & design jobs.Olivia Bushnell, Community Manager

Without meaning to sound like a suck up; buying your planner was a win for me! It’s made me feel more organised & capable and less overwhelmed!Olivia Bushnell, Community Manager

I have one of your planners as you know, and love it. – Nicki Cawood, Copywriter

Have to say having this content planner has saved me so much time and is really helping the team think about dates and deadlines, would thoroughly recommend!Rebecca Noble, Digital and Data Manager

I’m using your wonderful Charity Planner which is a great helpEmma Read, Virtual Assistant

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