Heart and Soul Digital

Heart and Soul Digital is for people like you

With big plans, hopes and dreams in the digital marketing sphere

But feel like there’s a block between you and the next stage of success.

Our goal is to nurture you with stimulating industry conversation, neighbourly support and brilliant tools that leave you refreshed, renewed and empowered in your digital marketing career.

Lea's story...

Hello, I’m Lea – Founder of Heart and Soul Digital. You won’t believe how thrilled I am that you’re here!

Too often, I have been all-consumed by the idea that if I wanted to succeed in life, I had to work myself to the point of destruction. I love what I do. I’ve worked in the digital marketing department of many charities, agencies, private businesses and even for a celebrity or two. I’ve played key roles in huge campaigns. I’ve trained, taught and mentored the digital marketers of the future. I have a thriving digital marketing business with clients to die for. But I’ve learned some hard lessons along the way.

It’s taken too many anxiety attacks and mental breakdowns to realise that I can be successful without self-destructing. In fact, showing myself love and compassion is vital. When we nourish ourselves, we ignite passion, creativity and courage. Add in the everyday knowledge and advice this community can offer, and you’re looking at an empowered, happier version of you, complete with a clear idea of where you’re going in your career – and how you’ll get there.

Social media, content and marketing takes its toll – it’s a demanding, multi-skilled job that can burn you out, fast. I’ve taken it upon myself to look out for you, and encourage self-development and self-love in equal measure. 

So come on – let’s light you up, and make sure that you do EVERYTHING with plenty of heart, and a whole lotta soul.

Your finest work, your best movements, your joy, peace, and healing comes when you love yourself. You give a great gift to the world when you do that.” – Melodie Beattie.

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