We Stick With Our Principles

We learn, we teach

At the top of our priority list is the need for online self-development in a safe space where we can learn from each other.

In work and in life, community is everything. So we make sure ours is really great, not only by encouraging you to learn from the Heart and Soul community, but by encouraging you to share your thoughts and advice too.

We are helpful, but gentle

There’s a well-known saying that goes; “be kind, for everyone you meeting is fighting a battle you cannot see”. It’s true – we especially know that anything could be going on behind-the-scenes, having dealt with depression and anxiety an awful lot. So we have a rule – be bold, be bright, be yourself, but be gentle. Anybody at any time could be having a bad mental health day, so let’s steer clear of criticism and aim for support and diplomacy.

We do not waste time

In the good fight for balance, the least helpful thing we could do is get you to sign up for or buy stuff that is over-complicated and a waste of your time. We promise not to do it, and will only produce practical stuff that genuinely makes your digital marketing work easier.

We make digital marketing tools accessible

We believe the most important thing a successful digital marketer can possess is creativity and determination to do their best. Everything else can be taught. That’s why we are forever committed to selling products at reasonable prices, taking the time to answer your questions and using language that makes it easy for digital marketers at any level to learn quickly.

We have kind hearts

On bad days, we have to lean on and take from those around us. But on better days, we give back. Not only do we encourage our community to dust each other down after a tough time, but we give back to those who are always there for us in a real crisis. That’s why we donate £1 from every content planner we sell to The Blurt Foundation – an incredible charity supporting those who suffer with depression.

We support you in your own lane

You’ll find no preaching here.
You could be a CEO joining our tribe to brush up on your marketing strategy or a digital intern starting from scratch… it doesn’t matter. We support movers and shakers who are here to progress in a healthy way, with credibility and originality. There is no ‘one way’ to do things.

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