The Heart & Soul Digital Content Planner

Customisable content planner for busy online creators and social media managers

Combat the feelings of content-creation overwhelm with our no-fuss digital content calendar. Seamlessly manage and execute your marketing strategy, ensuring content consistency and effortless planning without the headache.

As you’re here, we bet digital content planning is making you feel…

Imagine if you could feel in control of your digital marketing, become more strategic in your job,  and totally ‘wow’ your boss or client. Well, we have the solution to your social media overwhelm…

Introducing the marketing content planner to perfect your content strategy

Heart and Soul Content Planners mean the end of the daily anxiety caused by trying to keep on top of your digital marketing, no matter which industry you work in.

Your planner is a source of unwavering inspiration for social media campaigns, blog posts, and press releases. It’s a content management tool that will help you clear space for other projects you want to concentrate on, opening up the opportunity to fall in love with your work all over again.

New delivery format for 2024 - PLEASE READ

After some customer surveys and deep dive research, it became clear that though Heart and Soul customers love their content planner, planning across the year becomes overwhelming – time constraints, focussing on getting content into plans and out-the-door and strategic uncertainty means that social media professionals have been looking for a bit more hand-holding. 

The solution? Content planners will now be sent in quarters, with more direct help from me on the content planning and strategy side of things so that you can manage your marketing in more digestible chunks, and with lots of extra bonus content, hands-on advice and discounts on helpful services throughout the year. It felt like the right thing to do, rather than landing you with a great big document and taking off for the year. But if you need this to work in a slightly different way, just email me and I’ll get you what you need. I’d be delighted to shape this experience with you!

Don’t worry – every quarter of your planner will be delivered at least a month before each quarter of the year begins, so you’ll have ample time for forward planning.

What’s included in your digital content planner:

Each social media content calendar has been crafted with the needs of digital marketers in mind, guaranteed to…

Bring UK content themes and events together in one centralised location – so that you have constant inspiration to help drive your social media strategy.

Provide a centralised view of your digital content plan in Google Sheets – so that you can effortlessly collaborate and manage content from a single place.

Help you slip into the shoes of your dream customers – so that you can craft intentional social media posts and blogs that your target audience will engage with.

Be ready to go from the moment you purchase – so that you can start feeling confident and improve your social media marketing efforts from the get-go.

Guide you in the day-to-day creation and management of your digital content – so that you can develop and maintain a consistent posting schedule.

Help you avoid that horrible last-minute scrabble for content – so that you’re organised enough to stay professional, unflappable and completely – utterly – prepared.

Save you hours of research into industry-specific events and national days – so that your valuable time can be well spent on the tasks you love.

Help you move the needle on the social media results you want to see with goal-setting and tracking templates.

A central calendar for all your digital marketing efforts – from social media management and strategising to so much more.

Our content planners have been designed with integrated marketing in mind, allowing you to plan every part of your digital communications. You can manage multiple social media channels from each calendar to schedule your upcoming social media posts. There is even space to plan press releases, blog posts, mailshots, and influencer targeting. 

If you don’t see a channel you want to use, you can easily edit and customise the digital planner to accommodate any extra information you’d like to include. An all-rounder for the entire marketing team!

Choose your planner!

Heart & Soul Digital Content Planner​

The full planner with all the bells and whistles!
£ 17
One-off payment
  • 2000+ researched calendar hooks/notable dates
  • Monday newsletter with social media news and content reminders
  • Content pillar and marketing persona prompts
  • Monthly overview pages
  • Hashtag and content banks
  • Quarterly and monthly analytics tracking tabs

Lite Planner

Just the calendar and pre-researched calendar hooks.
£ 9
One-off payment
  • 2000+ researched calendar hooks/notable dates
  • Monday newsletter with social media news and content reminders
  • Content pillar and marketing persona prompts
  • Monthly overview pages
  • Hashtag and content banks
  • Quarterly and monthly analytics tracking tabs

How does the digital content calendar work?

Heart and Soul Content Planners have been created in Google Sheets – a live document that updates immediately with any edits without needing to save a new version each time. These instant updates aid team collaboration and make planning and creating content easy for marketers and their teams.

Every planner is fully customisable, allowing you to tweak the design so that you – and your team – can use it exactly how you want to.

Using your content calendar template is effortlessly easy….

When you hit the purchase button, you’ll be emailed the link to your beautifully designed planner. Click the link and follow the below steps to get your digital marketing in check:

Who is the digital content planner for?

Busy business owners with no time for digital marketing and social media.

Digital marketers and PR professionals in full-time employment or self-employment.

Social media marketers who need a central place to plan across multiple social networks.

Content creators who are trying to reach their target audience and monetise their channels.

Our planners are perfect for LOADS of business sectors, including:











Goodbye digital marketing overwhelm; Hello, boss!

The Story of the Heart and Soul Content Planner

I’m Lea Rice, and I created these planners after multiple frustrations in the working world and as a businesswoman who had many missions to accomplish – all of them on social media, and with only 24 hours in each day (Beyonce has found more than that, I’m sure of it).

Realising there was nothing to properly plan digital marketing and communications in the UK, with paper planners quickly going out-of-date after a few uses and finding that free templates simply weren’t up to the job, I created something that had every single thing I needed.

Now you can get your hands on it too!

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Social media calendars are spreadsheets used to plan and organise your online content strategy. They provide an overview of your upcoming posts in one centralised location, organised by social media platform and date.

Our social media calendar template helps you publish digital content consistently and cohesively across multiple channels. It also acts as a source of inspiration for upcoming posts and enables you to feel more in control of your digital marketing.

All content planners come in Google Sheets.

Yes – you’ll need to access the original Google Sheet for this, but Google will allow you to export the document in other formats such as PDF.

We’ll deliver your planner in a unique Google Sheets link to your email inbox as soon as you complete purchase.

Anyone from anywhere can buy a content planner, but we must point out that they are geared for working on the UK social media and digital scene.

We’re so sorry, but because of the nature of Google Sheets we cannot offer refunds under any circumstances.

Absolutely! Heart and Soul content planners are great for collaboration, but that’s very much a bonus feature. The planners will serve anyone in any size team, and will help relieve your digital anxieties whatever your working setup is.

If you are:

  • Freelance or traditionally employed
  • Working in the capacity of a social media, digital, PR, digital marketing or blogger

…then you’re going to love your Heart and Soul content planner. It’s perfect for you!

Definitely! In fact, we’d suggest this is going to make sharing planned content with your clients 1000x easier.

No. By purchasing a Heart and Soul content planner you are agreeing not to share your link with anybody, and doing so will entail legal action.

Yep! If you require multiples of the same planner, you can duplicate it in Google Sheets as many times as you like. However, if you need multiple planners for different sectors, you’ll either need to buy separate planners and sign up for your specific sector emails, OR purchase one planner and sign up for the emails that cover all sectors, and work from that each month when it comes to updating your planners for new UK events.

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