1:1 Power Hour – Social Media Strategy Coaching

Feel confident in your social media strategy so that you can successfully grow your business without burnout.

Get exclusive access to 1:1 Power Hour coaching sessions where you’ll build a bespoke social media strategy. Beat the feelings of content-creation overwhelm and walk away feeling inspired, reassured, and relieved that social media can be simple!

You have big dreams for your social media – but you’ve hit a wall.

You know that the secret behind successful social media is having a marketing strategy. And you’ve been proactive – you’ve written down some goals, tried planning your content, and have been doing your best on your own. 

But the truth is, strategising social media is outside your comfort zone. 

The posts you’ve published aren’t getting good engagement. You’ve no idea whether you’re targeting the right channels or how to create content that your audience actually responds to. 

To be honest, the entire process is giving you a headache.

Imagine if you could get some expert eyes on your social media strategy – a chance to combine your business dreams with their knowledge to form a simple method that works…

Introducing the Power Hour –
1:1 social media strategy coaching

The Power Hour is the perfect solution if you’re feeling underconfident and overwhelmed about social media.

After a one-hour session, you’ll have an intentional social media strategy designed to help you effortlessly achieve the results you want.

Here's how it works...

In just one hour, we’ll work together to unpick all aspects of your content marketing strategy.

You’ll have easy answers to all the tough questions like…

What are the best social media channels to target?

How frequently should I post new content?

How can I adapt my messaging to suit different platforms?

What topics will my target audience engage with most?

What types of content best support my business goals?

How can I create brand graphics and images?

What tools and resources are available for creating and planning social media?

How can I implement my strategy in the most time-efficient way?

How can I measure the success of my social media strategy?

What role does organic social media play in my business?

And don’t worry about remembering all the details – after our strategy session, you’ll get detailed notes and actionable next steps for making your social media dreams a reality.


Meet your social media coach and new business best friend.

I’m Lea – founder of Heart & Soul Digital and an expert in all things social media. 

With 12+ years of experience strategising content across all industries, I’m a voice you can trust. You can get insider access to all my social media strategy secrets and tips on making them work for your business.

But I’m not here to tell you what to do – I’m here to work with you as your new business best friend. It’s only together that we can:

  • Combine my tried-and-tested methods with your business and industry knowledge – so that you get a personalised social media strategy tailored to your goals.

  • Relate the best social media marketing tips to your unique selling point and audience – so that your posting efforts are intentional and your valuable time is well-spent.

  • Focus on your individual social media struggles and define your next steps – so that you get an actionable content strategy that you have confidence in following alone.

  • Prioritise your mental well-being and build a realistic and achievable solution – so that you never feel burned out and have the energy to keep your business moving forward.

Invest in your business and grow your social media presence today

1:1 Power Hour coaching session costs £199 (inc. VAT) – and just one hour of your time.

This investment in yourself and your business includes:

  • A review of your social media and pre-session checklist
  • A one-hour Zoom call to build or revamp your strategy 
  • Detailed notes from our session and actionable next steps
  • A new business friend here to encourage and support you.

And you’ll walk away feeling:

  • Confident in your social media strategy and how to implement it 
  • Inspired to produce compelling content for your audience
  • Reassured that your goals are attainable and achievable
  • Encouraged as you now have a strong foundation to work from
  • Relieved that social media doesn’t have to be complicated!

There are only a limited number of social media coaching sessions available per week. So, get your date in the diary now – let’s get strategising!

Need more social media marketing help? I’ve got you covered…

Get your hands on my content planner

Got your social strategy down? Put it into action with the Heart & Soul digital content planner. An expertly crafted no-fuss planner designed to take the stress out of consistently showing up online.

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If you want to take your social media to the next level, the Power Hour is for you! To make the most of your coaching session, you should already understand the basics of social media and are looking to optimise your strategy with expert help.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelancer or business owner, or what industry you’re in. I’ve managed social media channels for various business sectors. All you need is the desire to be consistent on social media and a little guidance to get you on track.

Absolutely, I’d love to offer guidance for both of your businesses! However, one hour doesn’t allow enough time to strategise for two businesses as we cover a lot!  You’ll need to book multiple 1-hour sessions for 2+ strategies.

You can purchase a 1:1 Power Hour directly through my website by clicking here. Choose a date and time for your coaching session, and I’ll get everything prepared ahead of our call. I’ll also email you a pre-call checklist for you to work through before our session.

I only offer a limited number of 1:1 coaching sessions each week. However I’m happy to be flexible when I can – shoot me an email at hello@heartandsouldigital.co.uk and I”ll see what I can do!

You can book a social media strategy session from anywhere in the world, as my coaching is offered online over Zoom. However, sessions run during UK working hours, and I cannot guarantee that I can accommodate all time zones.

Coaching sessions cannot be cancelled or refunded. However, you can rearrange your session for any reason with at least 24 hours notice. To reschedule your 1:1 Power Hour, contact me at hello@heartandsouldigital.co.uk.

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