Empowering content planners
for busy content creators

If you’ve found your way here, I bet you…

Well friend, I’ve got news for you.

This is the solution to your digital marketing overwhelm.

Heart and Soul Content Planners mean the end of the daily anxiety caused by trying to keep on top of all of your digital marketing, no matter which industry you work in. 

It’s a source of consistent, unwavering inspiration for social media content – Every. Day. 

It’s a tool that will help you clear space for other projects that you WANT to concentrate on, opening up the opportunity to fall in love with your work all over again.

Each content planner has been crafted, tried, tested and tweaked with the needs and desires of the digital marketer in mind.

Your planner will:

Everything has been designed with integrated marketing in mind, allowing you to plan every part of your communications. Great care has been taken to include every marketing channel, including space for all social media networks, press releases, blogs, mailshots and influencer targeting. If you don’t see a channel you want to use, you can easily edit and customise the planner to accommodate any extra information you’d like to include.

How does this work?

The Heart and Soul Content Planners have been created in Google sheets – a live document that updates immediately with any edits without needing to save a new version each time – in a way that makes planning and creating content exceptionally easy for marketers and their teams. Write your copy directly into the planner. Use it to sign off content. Easily copy and paste into your scheduling tools and put your expertly crafted content live with no fuss.

When you hit the purchase button, you’ll be sent the link to your planner via email. What you’ll get is a beautifully designed Google Sheet planner with goal guidance, reporting spaces and all of the UK’s national days and public holidays.

But it gets so much better than that.

Every planner is fully customisable, letting you soup-up your planner, giving you the option to tweak the original design for yourself so that you, and your team, can use it exactly how you want to.

And the icing on the cake? If you purchase the full planner, you’ll also be gifted these super helpful resources:

These planners are perfect for LOADS of business sectors, including:











Goodbye digital marketing overwhelm. Goodbye fear.

Hello BOSS !

2022 improvements

I’ve listened very carefully to feedback from very happy customers who bought planners in previous years so we could make them bigger and better than ever.

The 2022 planners now include:

Bonus Features

That’s right – there’s more! With these lifesaving bonuses up for grabs with every Heart and Soul Content Planner purchase, there’s no way you’ll be discarding it after two weeks, like many paper or blank planners.

Facebook Group

Join the Heart and Soul Digital Facebook group where a smart, ambitious and supportive digital marketing family will help you bounce content ideas around, give advice and generally be a your supportive tribe of new friends.

New Bff

You’ll have direct access and a new bff in Lea Rice, founder of Heart and Soul Digital and all-round digital marketing genius.

Free Resources

Receive free resources such as the Fast and Fabulous Goal-Setting Guide and handbooks that support good planning practices and mindful behaviours to promote good mental health at work.

The Story of the Heart and Soul Content Planner

Founder and Digital Marketing Specialist, Lea Rice (hi! That’s me!), created these planners after multiple frustrations in the working world and as a businesswoman who had many missions to accomplish – all of them on social media, and with only 24 hours in each day (Beyonce has found more than that , I’m sure of it).

Realising there was nothing to properly plan digital marketing and communications in the UK, with paper planners quickly going out-of-date after a few uses and finding that free templates simply weren’t up to the job, I created something that had every single thing I needed.

Now you can get your hands on it too!

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