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An inspired, easy and inspirational content planner for digital marketers.

As standard, you’ll get your awesome planner with the yearly national days and public holidays, plus all those useful planning tools we’ve designed just for digital marketers like you. You’ve taken a huge step towards a life of perfect planning, co-ordinated collaboration and even accessed a treasure trove of awesome tips-and-tricks to empower you to progress in your work.

Now you need a way to maintain it.

Enter: our sector subscriptions (optional).

For a little extra, you can receive a monthly list of events, newly announced notable days and public holidays plus anything topical and newsworthy we think you may want to talk about on your social channels. 

We’ll deliver the goods to your inbox, all you need to do is design your content around anything of interest.

This is the only opportunity you’ll get to subscribe to these specially curated emails. Each subscription is active from January – December. 

Prices start at the equivalent of £2 per month, or you can subscribe to EVERY sector for under £100 (brilliant news if you have multiple clients across a variety of sectors).

This is amazingly helpful because you’ll…

  • Avoid the embarrassment of missing another important industry event or notable day, and having to explain to your colleagues why it isn’t in your calendar.
  • Save HOURS of research and looking for sector-orientated activity to talk about online.
  • Discover amazing, relevant events happening in the UK that you could attend.
  • Never have an out-of-date planner, and you always know where the action is. Money VERY well spent...


All content planners come in Google Sheets.

Yes – you’ll need to access the original Google Sheet for this, but Google will allow you to export the document in other formats such as PDF.

We’ll deliver your planner in a unique Google Sheets link to your email inbox as soon as you complete purchase.

Not at all, you can just use the basic template if you want to. However, we should point out that it does sort of negate the point of being totally coordinated and ten steps ahead if you don’t have those lists coming through, as they help you stay topical.

Sorry, at present we can only offer them at point of purchase.

Anyone from anywhere can buy a content planner, but we must point out that they are geared for working on the UK social media and digital scene.

We’re so sorry, but because of the nature of Google Sheets we cannot offer refunds under any circumstances.

Absolutely! Heart and Soul content planners are great for collaboration, but that’s very much a bonus feature. The planners will serve anyone in any size team, and will help relieve your digital anxieties whatever your working setup is.

If you are:

  • Freelance or traditionally employed
  • Working in the capacity of a social media, digital, PR, digital marketing or blogger

…then you’re going to love your Heart and Soul content planner. It’s perfect for you!

Definitely! In fact, we’d suggest this is going to make sharing planned content with your clients 1000x easier.

No. By purchasing a Heart and Soul content planner you are agreeing not to share your link with anybody, and doing so will entail legal action.

Yep! If you require multiples of the same planner, you can duplicate it in Google Sheets as many times as you like. However, if you need multiple planners for different sectors, you’ll either need to buy separate planners and sign up for your specific sector emails, OR purchase one planner and sign up for the emails that cover all sectors, and work from that each month when it comes to updating your planners for new UK events.

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