Can we tempt you with a cheeky discount?
How about we whip 50% off the price of the ALL SECTOR emails?

Content Planner BIG Bundle

Think about it… for the equivalent of £4 per month, you will:

  • Know what’s trending, taking place and capturing everyone’s attention all over the country (sometimes even before they do!).
  • Amaze your colleagues, friends and family with your newfound socialite knowledge.
  • Never have a reason to scrape the barrel for social media content ever again.
  • Retain this treasure trove of cross-industry information, even if you change job/career/client type. No matter what sector you end up working in, you can just update your email address on our list and still keep your finger on the pulse. Hello best employee EVER!
So, can we tempt you?
This is the LAST TIME we can make this very special offer, so it’s now or never.
WAS: £99

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